The Practice

Cedar Tree Counselling is located in a Gorgian terrace, opposite the Castle Gardens and the War Memorial, in an area favoured by Accountants and Solicitors, so providing a discreet environment for our clients.

The Cedar Tree practice works in an integrative way using a range of therapeutic approaches., which means we are not restricted to one particular type of therapy; for example, therapy can be broken down into four parts:

Person Centred - this tends to work in the "here and now" i.e. what is going on in your life right now.

Psychodynamic - this generally deals with the past it could be the recent past or child hood events.

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) - Cognitive, as the name suggests is about the mind, so generally looks at a person's thinking processes.

SFT (Solution focus therapy) - Solution therapy works in the here and now and seeks to find a solution to a particular problems or a situation and looks to make a breakthrough from what may appear unsolvable.

These four approaches can be used singularly or they can all be combined in an integrative approach.



Cedar Tree Counselling can offer supervision for Trainee Counsellors, Counsellors and clinical supervision.  Please contact for further information on these services.